Open letter to Beam Suntory

Open letter to Beam Suntory

Dear Sir or Madam at Beam Suntory

I love Macallan. I love Highland Park. And I’ve been a Friend of Laphroaig for many years. I even have my own square foot on Islay. Needless to say, that I’ve been a member of the Jim Beam Signature Malts for quite some time.

But recently I received an e-mail from the marketing team of Beam-Suntory Germany that really made me think about the strategies and values of your company.

Due to a change of names (from Signature Malts to Malts of Distinction), a new online membership program has been launched.

But when I clicked the link to log in, I was just flabbergasted: The new name of this online membership program is “Men of Malts”.

The problem is: I can’t become a” Man of Malts”.  Because I am a woman.

Am I not wanted? 

Am I not worthy of any consideration from your company?

Do you really wish to exclude half the population from the pleasure of enjoying your Whiskies?

Don’t get me wrong. I highly respect men like John Campbell, Ronnie Cox, Bob Dalgarno and all the other “men of malts” in the industry, who are doing a great job creating excellent malt whiskies. And I always enjoy having a good dram in the company of fine men.

But there are also dozens and hundreds of great women working in the industry, and I know many, many women who enjoy drinking single malt whisky. Not to mention the bourbons.

A company that only cares for “Men of Malts”, is not for me.

Sorry, but I am a woman. And I won’t log in.

With regards,



  1. Very well put I have to say! It is just not on to exclude half the population by choosing this name. Such a discriminating act in this day and age is going against everything that I believe in. An apolygy to all whisky loving women is called for here ... and a new name for the membership program of course!

  2. Really interesting! Thanks for taking action! Interested in what the answer will be! Keep us updated!

  3. I can only recommend the Friends of the Classic Malts here.

  4. Thanks for this open letter, Margarete-Marie. I agree.


  5. You are aware that in this context men is a synonym for people, human beings like the german Menschen.

    1. No. Ask a native speaker. They will disagree. "Man" can be gender neutral. "Men of Malts" applies only to males.

  6. They should have named it somewhat like "men of malts - for women, too!"
    I think this would be better ;)


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