Interview with Iain Croucher, North Star Spirits ltd. (in English)

North Star Spirits is a new twinkling star in the whisky-sky of independent bottlings. The man behind the new label is no stranger to whisky-lovers: Until recently, Iain Croucher was Brand Ambassador for A.D. Rattray, and some of you might have met him at a tasting during a whisky festival. For whiskyundfrauen he took the time and answered a few short questions: 

MM: Iain, can you please give my readers a short introduction to yourself and your professional background?

Iain: I started my booze journey working in bars in the West End of Glasgow in the mid 90’s. After I had moved to London I worked as Jamie Oliver’s cocktail barman in his Fifteen Eatery.

MM: Wow, that certainly was an exciting time!What did you do next?

Iain: In 2003, I bought a pub/restaurant with my Dad. This is where I met Mr. Morrison from AD Rattray.

In 2012, I sold the restaurant and started working for Mr. Morrison. From 2012 – March 2016 I was the brand ambassador and sales manager for the company.

But then I decided that I was time for a new venture. I started North Star in April 2016 with my first selection of casks I have collected over the years.

MM: It's a tough time for independent bottlings right now, and many of the smaller companies are complaining that it is hard to get good casks in sufficient supply these days. 

Iain: In my experience, it’s all about developing good relations with brokers, bottlers and producers.

MM: Your current range has some interesting bottlings, for example a Tormore 27, Arran 20  or a Bunnahabhain 26. Do you concentrate mainly on older whiskies? What kind of bottlings can we expect in the future?

Iain: Age is not a huge concern, if a cask is good, I’ll bottle it.

MM: Where is your company based?

Iain: Our company is based in Blanefield, Glasgow.

MM: Thanks a lot for this interview, Iain! And good luck with your new venture!


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